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Experience virtual visits with your Physical Therapist

Mission statement: To inspire enthusiasm with stimulating innovations using mobile services with technological advances that personalize the physical therapy experience and promote compliance resulting in successful outcomes for disease prevention and health restoration in order to sustain maximal functional independence throughout the lifespan. 


   Telehealth service in the practice of physical therapy means; a physical therapy intervention, including assessment or consultation that can be safely and effectively provided using synchronous two-way interactive video conferencing, or asynchronous video communication, in accordance with generally accepted healthcare practices and standards. 

    Save Time Patients can save the cost of travel and have the advantage of staying in their home community where family and friends can easily visit. Studies have shown that recovery is faster when patients are close to home. The danger of traveling in winter weather is removed. 

  Save Money Patients don’t need to take whole days off work to see a specialist or to take their children to the doctor and children miss less school when they can be seen via Telehealth. 

Experience virtual visits through TeleRehab today!

    We are HIPPA compliant. 

We are Certified to practice in Oregon and California.

Receive prescribed programs through video.

Receive reminder alerts to complete home programs.

Communicate by video, messaging or email with questions, followup visit concerns and to schedule appointments.


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