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Movement freedom

What limits Movement


Pain is the Brains way of telling the body that there is a perceived threat.


Fear may limit movement; meaning that if we move in a certain way it will produce pain.  So we stop moving to avoid the possibility of pain.  

Muscle weakness:

Muscular weakness can cause imbalances that may result in compensation of movement resulting in disruption of postural alignment.

Loss of flexibility:

Tight muscles tug on the skeletal structure overcoming weak muscles that counter balance the system disrupting core stability and balance.  

Tissue Injury: 

Tissue injury generally occurs from some type of accident or as a result of  surgery. The length of time it takes for tissues to heal is dependent on the type and extent of the tissue injury. The good news is that tissue heals.

Chronic pain: 

Chronic pain is the body's  response to redundant over-excitation of the nervous system resulting from constant stimulus from our environment that the brain perceives as a threat.  This induces fear resulting in decreased mobility which can perpetuate a never ending cycle of pain. 

The Good News:

The good news is that we can fix this. We can do this by learning more about pain and how to change our concepts and thinking of what pain is and what it means. 

We are here to help:

Accountable Therapists will teach you the evidenced-based strategies to overcome the pain experience.