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We Come to You!

What is mobile outpatient physical therapy?

Just one to one Physical Therapy!

This is the outpatient rehab clinic coming to you. You get one to one treatment with your own personal physical therapist.  

This is not home health so there are no requirements that dictate that you must be considered home bound to receive physical therapy services. You get exactly what you pay for at the time that you choose and, with clinical guidance; you select the number of visits that you desire to have for your treatment. 

This is physical therapy only. You will not be inundated with multiple clinicians coming at various times of the week.

*Mobile visits are limited to current area of practice up to a 35 mile radius. Call for location confirmation.

However, if it is appropriate for your care, visits can be performed virtually.  You do not have to spend the time driving to an appointment and sit in a waiting room waiting for your turn.