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The physical therapy visit experience


Comprehensive packages

Your physical therapy begins with a medical history assessment, followed by an evaluation of your most prevalent complaints. A program is designed specifically to improve your health and well-being, but It does not stop there. Wellness is a lifelong pursuit and we offer packages that provide ongoing program progressions and face time follow-up visits.

Progressive programs

These are treatment plans that provide goal oriented direction to eliminate barriers that limit participation in the activities that you want to get back to doing. These goals are based on the collaboration of the client and the Physical Therapist. 

Follow-up visits

Treatments may be 4 to 8 weeks in length depending on medical necessity. Following the intervention the client may wish to have additional coaching to progress their program.  Monthly memberships are available to include discounts on services and follow-up visits.  See our online pricing brochure for details.

Annual check-up

Annual assessments are wellness reports to update your profile and address any concerns and health related challenges. Early identification of yellow flags can improve healthy outcomes with appropriate referral resources as indicated.