Ergonomic health

Work station assessments


Prolonged positioning of the head can result in neck pain that can potentially lead to debilitating cervical dysfunction.  Our Physical therapist will assess the work station and make the appropriate recommendations.

Facilitated Stretching


Tight muscles develop due to prolonged forward flexed positioning  resulting in pain and reduced movement.  Physical therapy will facilitate stretching and strengthening to restore muscular balance.

Core stabilization


Fatigue, weakness and strenuous positions can result in back pain. Your Physical Therapist will assess body mechanics, core strength and postural position at the work station and develop a plan with collaborative goals for correction.

Personalized Programs


Your Physical Therapist will  evaluate and determine limitations to freedom of movement and design programs tailored specifically to each individuals need.

Ergonomic Recommendations


We will assess the work station and recommend any equipment enhancements that would improve employee positioning. 

Postural awareness

Decrease Pain

Improved positioning acquired through appropriate strengthening and stretching preserves the integrity of the spine, decreases pain, enhances breathing and improves digestion.