Dr. Bennett doctor of physical therapy


 Dr. Bennett is a movement specialist. Her background includes the study of Gymnastics and Dance.  She became intricately involved in the field of health and fitness and obtained certifications in the field of group and aerobic exercise. She became a certified fitness specialist in 1988 and went on to pursue an associate's degree as a physical therapist assistant; dedicating 22 years to the field of  geriatrics.   After raising her family, Dr. Bennett continued her education to attain a doctorate degree in Physical Therapy.


Personal lifestyle

 Dr. Bennett models what she teaches. Health and fitness includes staying active, proper nutrition and supplementation. These are all part of the recipe for weight loss, peace of mind and longevity resulting in healthy living.


Education and Experience

 A Graduate of the University of Findlay's doctorate program in physical therapy,  Dr. Bennett's pursuits emphasize movement quality, postural correction, ergonomics, core stability, stimulating exercise programing for balance , strength and conditioning and treatment of temporal mandibular dysfunction.

She is currently licensed by the Oregon and California State Physical Therapist Licensing Boards.  Her experience includes orthopedics, neurological re-education, aquatic therapy, manual therapy and pain management in settings such as Skilled Nursing Facilities, Home health, outpatient rehab, and acute care hospitals.