Corporate Wellness


Mobile health services

We offer mobile services that deliver physical therapy intervention directly to the corporation seeking better health and life long wellness  for their employees.  We provide convenient follow-up sessions via tele-rehab online technology. 

Individual and group training sessions

We implement functional strengthening and balance activities that fit each individuals need suitable to the safety and dynamics of their work station environment.   We educate and facilitate group classes to engage the culture of the corporation creating happy and healthy employees. We  implement group sessions to improve cardiovascular conditioning, muscular endurance training and nutritional counseling to improve overall health and to enhance weight loss. 

Group Rates

In addition to corporate wellness packages, We offer employee Individual Annual membership Packages and Rates:   

10% discount for group of 10 

15% discount for group of 15 

20% discount for group of 20 

Contact us for Rate brochure and information.

Whats News?

Did you know that by adding physical therapy services, corporations can decrease job related injury, reduce healthcare costs and decrease time off work?  The result is decreased employee burnout, improved health outcomes and positive mental attitudes.

Did you know that  studies show an increased compliance rate to physical therapy programming with successful results using tele-health technologies?  Stream an appointment and get updates on your program.  Ask questions via secure online tele-health platforms. Download the app and review your personally designed exercise programs with videos that show you proper techniques.